I personally think that there should be atleast two substitue in each team for the competition.Let’s not rush for it coz it very hard to finish all the rounds.We even find difficult to have 10 players on mix server and we have already seen what happens when either one or two players leave after half an hour.

Plus since each and every player are from diff time zones in every team it would be difficult to if someone makes him unavailable.

Plus sometimes there will certain reasons for players like someone got exams,someone’s boss asked for extra shift,someone had festivals in their country(like i have next week),someone internet might not work that day or has slow speed, someone wants to participate but not in each and every matches ,someone dint have electricity at that time, or someone went with his wife to watch romantic movie(not this one 4 u @Nofear and @ujku :stuck_out_tongue: ) and many more problems we cant even guess what might arise
The initial idea to have players as substitute was a good idea i reckon and let’s not dilute it.I think there should be a list of players willing to play as full time member and those who as substitue and then we organize teams.Even if the substitute doesnt get any match his sentiments wont be hurt in anyway as he/her himself/herself coined that and every1 knows substitue only plays when some1 is not available or one of ur team members is giving u a chance to play on his behalf.

I know every1 is so excited about the tournament but still i will say first lets sort out all the possibilities that might be hindrance during the competition.Believe me all the excitement will just vanish if it didnt go well coz csmundum is having a tournament after a long time and its even a first time for such competition for many players(even i havent seen one in 2 or 3 year i guess)

SO GUYS suggestions are opened and welcomed…Definitely write here what u think :slight_smile:


We understand that people have often very busy lives and cannot play everyday. However, we are playing a tournament and we expect everyone that they understand matches can take up to 60 minutes or longer.

As for subs, anything can happen to someone last minute or w/e… If you really can’t be there (EXTREME CONDITIONS PLEASE) we sure can find someone to play that game.


An old man used to show his finger and point out the bottom line in the finger and say to me, “son you think this much”. and smilingly pont out to the top of his finger and say, “I think this much”.

same goes out to you @DEV. we are aware of everything. just stop posts like these otherwise people might start to find excuses. if needed, we can pull players and besides its a friendly game, and we find substitutes.

But because of this post by @DEV, dont go on making excuses and do your best to show up :slight_smile:


In my opinion it doesn’t matter if you have exams, wife or festival.

If you know you have exams, prepare before or after the tournament.

Tell the wife a long time before that you have something planned.

Festival… i can’t even take this one seriously.

Signing with a team for a tournament is like signing with your own blood (well not really :grin:) and you should do everything in your power to attend.

Only reasons to bail that are acceptable in my book is stuff outside of your control… sickness, accidents, CRITICAL family problems etc.

If yoy know you have exams and can’t make it, don’t sign.

If you know there is an upcoming festival and you know it may overlap the tournament and you will choose the festival over tournament, don’t sign up.

And finally… about the wife, well what can i say… divorce her? :grin: <---- IRONY, JOKE, NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AT ALL


first i cant divorce geten and second u fucking bot dev i just got married u bot edit the topic …meaby nofear is too old and not married but ask first then do this topic abt wife


like @gOldy said its just 60min :slight_smile:
we did it befor and we can do it again …
@DEV bro dont start it pls <3


Sorry i thought it would be 2 to 3 hrs as nofear wrote there in msg…that why i was concerned and plus we already have a substitute i noticed so that means u guys already have considered it and i just asked for if there can be 2 substitue just to be on saftery side…sorry my bad…

As long as people getting excuses from this post ,that wont be happening bcoz i didint came up with some extra ordinary excuses…See the other way around…those were common things that would happen and isnt the reason behind putting substitute is this only?’s only i came with it right posting a thread out here doesnt mean i gave them the right to excuse…atleast this thread will let them know that now u can’t just give an excuses that easily now hahahha…bcoz we now had a topic on that (that’s the other way of seeing around)

I k this seemed to be a negative post and we one should not say negative thoughts bcoz it’s an ominous sin to do so as we believe too much what old man or saints said a generation ago

And leave it all…lets get ready 4 it and opponent be careful bcoz TEAM BUFF ERA has arrived :slight_smile:


Hahah team buff? Buf in my language is a night bird who stay sit in a tree and to lazy liku u dev …and is not bad topic just edit it and remove me coz im married and what can we do coz nofear is to old for a girl? Thats why he get angry dev dont listen to him ur the best just dont talk to much in discord …ears raped :sweat_smile:

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I Guess i Will divorce then! Man u are a life savier! IF ANYONe SHOWS THIS To MY WIFE YOUR DEAD!!!

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Closing the topic as the issue and “solution” have been provided.

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