Skin sugg

what if had for the admins and vips a skins to his weapon.


I saw this in others servers and yea i really liked it … good idea mate :ok_hand:t2:

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if it is possible to turn off, sure

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I dont like skins!!! :tired_face:


Well, it depends upon few things. I’ll list them

  • First of all, there doesnt exist a plugin where people can turn on and off the skins. I looked into some codes and I think it is possible to write the plugin that can turn and off skins but have to try. need sometime. This feature will be added only if the plugin succeeds because lots of old players dont like skins. only the noobs new player like skins :slight_smile:
  • 2nd, there are three types of skins in general for a weapon. player model which the player sees while holding the gun. view model which players see while others holding the gun and third world model when the gun is in the ground. probably we will only incoporate player model only because each model takes additional time to download.
  • 3d, if we have to add skins we need good skins with less size to download. Feel free to give us the download links and please check and compare their sizes as well. there are hd skins but its no use if it takes a minute or more to download
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I don’t like guns skins . But maybe human skins lol . VIPs and admin are diff from other players .

that is even worse xD

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You may be able to add options and VIPs/admins choose what they want. For example
1- m4 + deagle
2- ak + deagle
3- awp + deagle
1- skin m4 + deagle
2- skin ak + deagle
3- skin awp + deagle


Fuck all vips hahahah. if there will be skins, it will be for everyone and they choose by typing skins or /skins :slight_smile:


Fuck skins!!! So simple :joy: :joy: :joy:


Keep skins in csgo…

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i wouldnt mind this nearly as much as some other things (like music, quake sounds, getting hp for kills, …) because it’s only visual thing, especially if you can turn it off i don’t see a problem, i usually only turn off the sounds etc after i get annoyed by them the moment i’m listening for an enemy, a skin would never fuck you over in that way lol

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ill probably finish the plugin by this weekend, now its time for suggestions of different skin types you want :). give me the link of the skins :slight_smile:

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this will kinda ruin the original cs1.6 feel , I was mod on a server that had skins the model does not fit 1.6 , so it will be bad placement on the guns lets say awp if you try to nonescope it will change the placement for the gun , cus it is csgo based models . for me its a big no plz dont destroy the original 1.6 game :slight_smile:


You won’t be suprised, I don’t like special skins. Anyway, if we could off that in cfg it doesn’t matter :blush:


I quickly tested a plugin for custom skins. There is one problem. I cannot hear sounds while reloading custom skins. Does it happen in other servers? I have two questions for those who have played with custom skins in other servers

  1. Do you hear the sound of your reload?
  2. Do you hear the sound of your opponent reload?

Ok, the sounds will not be played to you but others can hear it eventhough they have changed their skins like you. So, that means you can still hear others reloading and any sounds weapon makes. It is very important for the game

The plugin will be installed but it will take some time to download the skins maybe 3-5 mins. Players will have option to disable skins by typing /skins. Now, I am waiting on the skins you suggest. Keep download time in mind. less file size less download time

Is there an option to directly off it with a line in cfg like tobii did with sounds before ?

Lol. You told me to get drunk when I was about to finish plugin yesterday :). I know now why, you had to think of extra features haha.

Yes, I know what Tobi did. It’s the same as reading password from your cfg. Though I will not add code for the server to set it. You’ll have to type yourself in cfg for eg: cl_skins 0. But, like sounds, you will still have to download the file and you can still turn off skins using /skins command.

And those lazy fuckers who requested skins, where are the skin links? Who the fuck do you think I am? Cmon, if you want skins, find links and post here :joy::joy::joy:.

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Skins in 1.6 are fucked, fucking shit! They’re so shit that my shit is better!!!

Keep skins in csgo imo, lets keep the nostalgia of 1.6 :slight_smile: