Social tradition topic 😊

I’ve been told that my social topic has become quite the tradition around here so here goes :blush:

This is a topic where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other on another level :blush: you don’t have to write as much as me :joy:

Name: Mark

Age: 30

Country: Denmark

Nicks: HasHdal^ \ TDVV^ \ AmP^ \ Mr. NuB NuB^ \ Masterchef of csmundum

Gaming experience: since 1.3 beta with cs and a bunch of other games. I played with sound a bunch of years ago, but due to feeling a lack of challenge decided to play without. Becides just playing I’ve had quite alot of experience working around and with different anticheat organizations.

Hobbys: CS, vape, cooking, martial arts (MMA, Muay Thai, Tai Chi.) sports almost all types, music (mainly hardbass) my family and friends. Handy work

Civil status: Married for about 6 years.

Kids: 1 son who is 6 years.

Education: 2 so far and none of them has a english word to describe them. Counting on getting at least 1 more education before im done preferably 2. Main thing of my educations is that I do stuff with young people, where we try triggering something called neurotransmitters, for them to have a balanced life, in the neurological aspect.

Think I got it all this time :blush: feel free to correct me if I didn’t :joy:


Name: Eddy (Just call me King)

Age: 28

Nick: install \ Vasily Zaytsev \ TopShagger \ Honest critic of csmundum

Gaming experience: Its all started with a tetris and finished with CSGO. I was noob in tetrtis and I am noob in CSGO. Dont worry, atleast someone has to suck at games!
But I am an expert in “The spinning bottle” game.

Hobbys: Gaming, football, woodwork, family, friends and pissing people off.

Civil status: Unknown

Kids: 1 beeeeeautiful daughter who is 5 years old.

Education: “Streets of Riga” \ “Commercial activity LVL3” \ “Plumbing and Heating LVL3”
At the moment learning “KAMASUTRA” Will send you graduation pics when I am done.



name : Air

age : 34

country: unknown …

Nick : Air_well , Seether ,Rip , Sup ~_^ Se7en ,Tank| 1ne , Alfa | 5ive

Gaming experience: since 1992 in Atari, then sega …etc so you can imagine for how long … but I’m getting older now…

Hobbies: hockey and car racing, I love speed I’m so Addicted to speed things, got a record in that 285 km :slight_smile: with my blue Iron wife BMW x5 m///power.

Civil status: still single, I can’t be married because of my Job :frowning_face:

Education: high diploma in IT, also in the law of enforcement and military tactics, right now I’m Captain in the army got my own squad more than 70 men under my command but this is my last year to lead 'em.


Hi AirWell ! Messi said me you have to tell me something. Sry to post here but i didn t understand how to contact you.


name : Florian

age : 33

country: FR

Nick : Sw3ar, DarkFighter2b

Play Counter-Strike since 1.1 version


Ok i will try
Age : almost 23 :joy:
Country : albania
Hoobies : love to play futball ,basket,voley,ect
Civil Status :single :yum:
Play cs just for 2 years meaby :thinking:
And i hate my pc coz it didnt help me to show my skills :grin::grin:


wtf 23 hahahahahahahahhahahahahah looks like im your grandpa :"D ffs and you call me a vioce kid … oh … gunz up f :smiley:


Name : George
Age: after 2 months I’ll be 17 :smile:
Country: Egypt
Nick : SNIPER CITY , Jelly
Playing cs 1.6 since 2012
Love ps4 games
Hobbies: footbaaaaaalll ,cycling :heart::heart:
Civil status: single :smirk:


Name : raweh
Age : 15
Country : tunisia
Nick : R.ZH
i was playing cs when i was only 6 years old and i took a break for 3 years and now i’m back hyyym like 3 months ago
Hobbies : playing video games , dancing and reading books
Civil status : single


@Air haha almost 23 still 22 haha yea ur really my grand pa but urr funny grand pa with that vois :grin::joy: i miss that vois hqha :grin:



AGE: 20 yr 4 months 6 days :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


NICKS : DEV(first 3 letters from my name and thats a name too haha)

GAMING EXPERIENCE : playing various pc games since age of 10 maybe and before playing cs1.6 i use to play condition zero with bots(although still on server i play with bots… cant deny this fact),played lots of fps and video games

HOBBY: playing pc games, cricket and badminton, and putting my nose everywhere even though its not appropriate in few occassion

CIVIL STATUS : yet to find a girlfriend…PLZ HELP ME TO FIND ONE

EDUCATION : pursuing B.Tech(Bachelor of Technology) in civil engineering ( 3rd year right now)


Name : Ibrahim

Age : 19

Nick : Jain , Don’t even ask why .

Gaming experience " i started playing video games ever since i was a boy , i loved it , i loved to play it , i loved to smash it Uh… I started cs in 2012 , it was my online starting point , i used to join a random server that filled my computer with viruses and i would be " WASSAP GAYS" lacking the knowledge of the beautiful English language , i was an absolute dumbass and an embarrassment for humanity - after that i met these F***ers here , and i used to play mix everyday with them , they were so addicting and fun , but now they are (To be continued ) .
Im into like 10 games at the moment (CS ,CSGO , Paladins , Fortnite (yes i have ligma) , Rust , other single player games like TW3 : wild hunt , outlast , the sims 4 (I’m not gay ) .

Hobbys : Video editing , listening to music literally to where ever i go , Gym , Video editing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (i lack the ability to be patience to work on my video for more than 1 hour ) , Anime , TV shows , Swimming , Driving .

Civil Status : Married to this baby

Kids : Nofear , Install , Golden and many other shi*heads

Education : icanread , i can ride , and im smart



Once again you all share personal facts and again I’m amazed by what you all share :blush: some of you I’ve known for quite a while and could have written it my self :joy: but again thank you for participating in our so called tradition :blush:

To all the new ones who is participating it’s a pleasure to see and meet new people :blush: I hope more will take part in our tradition and that our friendships will harvest and flourish from this :+1:


Name: Marko

Age: 18

Country: Croatia

Nick: Gaming and that shit - Bynu, real life - Seki

Gaming experience: 5 years smth like that, my dream is to become the best bot ever.

Hobbies: Football, betting, watching animes, making amvs

Civil status: Let’s say that I’m single lul

Education: My last year at Gymnasium, idk what after that


Name : Abdurrahmane
Age : 29 (this september)
Country : Algeria
Nicks : Mr.HahN .Akula . Hanzo. Hyunikle .Sherminator. Demon hunteR …
Gaming experience : played cs for like 17 years now with atll its version ; i like to play strategy games .
Hoobies : Calesthenics .Football .Taekwondo . Chess . Aviation games .played guitar electric in the past years :smiley:
Civil status : Single and keeping it that way :smiley:
Education : Studied Economics then architecture ( i like to flip the table so much :smiley: ).


Name: Thibault (I am sure it has no sense to you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Age: 28

Country: France

Nick: sheitaN

Gaming experience: I’ve been playing CS since 1.5 version but with many years of break. I am playing only this single game 'cause this is pure dope I don’t have time to play others anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Long time ago I used to play Wolfenstein Enemey Territory as well, it was damn funny (if you don’t ever play this game you should give it a try I think it is not completly dead?).

Hobbys: CS obivously, traveling, hiking, cooking, reading, poker, music and mostly partying with friends :smile:.

Civil status : single on documents


Education: a Bachelor degree in International Business and Communication and a Master degree in Sociology, Intervention and Strategy of Social Development (Specialities: discrimination and addiction).


Let’s get some more players join in here :+1:


Well it’s my turn i guess :slight_smile:
name : Zakaria
age : 26
country: Morocco
Nick : Shake your Ass but in real life it’s Ziko
Play Counter-strike maybe 1 year ago
hobbies: football tennis and kick boxing
Civil status : still single as my friends here @Air Well @Sheitan @Ujku Hahaha
Education : hight school degre, 2 years of law, Diploma in accountant


Name: Hamzah

Age: 22

Country: Pakistan

Nick: Anthrax

Gaming Experience: Played CS for 4 straight years but took a break for next 5 and started back a year ago. Played IGI once and all NFS games.

Hobbies: Formula 1, Football and Reading.

Civil Status: Single

Education: A degree in Actuarial Science and Risk Management (I’m a math wiz :sunglasses:)