Some mind

OH,hi i make this topic.Its about PDXxander i asked him for demo he said me fuck off.So im not sure but sometimes i think he is using wh.Somebody checked him before and nowadays? So we hawe one rules here.Chill out. And i want some more respect of him he insult lol.

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@PDXxanderr maybe u wanna say something ?

i thought only admins can ask for demos.

nah, u are wrong mate, even with that, u cant say fk off to the guy … anyway u just got a warning

@ovechKiN8 ty for ur report, we will make sure this will not happend again :slight_smile: and about the wh, i dont think so, @PDXxanderr is an old player here, he is just getting better :smiley:


Heh no problem:]

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just feel free to write topic.Thats why we all are here

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:sunglasses: hawe fun

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yeah, keep the fun up :slight_smile: <3

Everyone can ask anyone about the demo ! And about PDX comeon you are old for this . And you are admin . Show respect to players . Players should respect each doesn’t matter if u r VIP or admin or mod . Respect is the most important thing in this community . We are all equal keep that in mind .
@ovechKiN8 next even you must upload demo . This is the rules of a complaining about admins :slight_smile:
Enjoy .

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if that so . i will uploading my demos at every time i playing on this server , to checked by any player or admin.

nah, just follow the rules and everything will be okey :slight_smile:

No problem guys :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn´t think that you would use that kind of language mate @PDXxanderr you they already told u what the rules are so im not gonna comment more at this :slight_smile: One love <3

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