Status update

Good morning family, hope everything is good with Y’all.
I have some good and bad news to share with everyone, the reason I’ve been MIA the past month or so is because I’ve been juggling 10 watermelons simultaneously.

Now the generally accepted norm is to start with the good news, which is that I got a job (I am able to resume my career after a 4 years interruption), the bad news is that I am going to relocate and leave Norway /EU.
Because I know I am gonna have a very hectic schedule (10 hours a day, 6 days a week) plus the shitty ping due to……… damn physics, I am not gonna be able to play like before.

I’ll definitely play every once and a while, and I’ll keep checking the forum, I have a couple of music related posts that I’ve been concocting in my head for a while now, heads up to any metal heads and old school rock/prog fans here :slight_smile:

I’ve already left Norway and currently I am smoking my life away in the Netherlands (while I can) :grinning:.
Gonna stay here for a couple of weeks and then I am off. It’s has been an absolute pleasure meeting and playing with everyone here, one of the best communities around period.
I’ll see you in the server during these two weeks.

Cheers. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds nice buddy. Congratulations! Where are you going mate? I’m curious :upside_down_face:

Thanks buddy, I am heading to Qatar.

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Sounds great news :). Glad to hear that you are moving forward in life buddy :).

Don’t worry 5g will come soon and internet world will be a size of a peanut. Meanwhile, keep us posted on your new adventures. All the best and drop by sometimes when you feel like. We will be here and let’s hear some metal. Let the kids know what they are missing out on haha.

I grew up screaming “black dog”. City life sucks ass. Can’t scream in my room haha.

Nice to hear from you again and thank you very much for your sweet words. Let’s catch up within these two weeks if you are not too much on magic mushrooms :joy::joy::joy:


I approve this comment :+1:


congratulations bro :heart: I Wish you the best :blue_heart:

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Thanks Rosso :slight_smile:

I don’t know about 5G @nofear, but I’ve placed ALL my eggs in starlink’s basket:artificial_satellite::artificial_satellite:

Let’s catch up within these two weeks if you are not too much on magic mushrooms :joy::joy::joy:

I approve this comment :+1:

that is gonna be my final quest “The boss fight”. At the moment I’ve never ventured through the magic kingdom, so I am building up my tolerance (so they’ve said) with Marry wanna be high :joy:

What is dope tho is that I am getting them online delivered right to my door step, truffles not shrooms (I was told they got banned a while back) which makes zero sense since they both have the same psychoactive compounds.

black dog is an absolute killer, but what I have in mind is more like this kind of :gem:, you might have heard of them due to geographical reasons :wink: