Thank you Cluni for 50 euro donation

Thank you @Cluni for the donation. It was strange to hear from you in a different form hahah. I was trying to search who James is hahah. then i saw your message on the paypal.

So here is his message to me and everyone

Hello my friend, hope everything is great. It’s been a challenge setteling in my new job/country, I rarly have time to scrach my head. But this is what life is all about i guess, constant grinding. I miss playing with you all, csmundum has been by far the best and most positive community I’ve ever been part of. I’ll try my best to find some time to drop in the server (with my hefty ping lol) to say hi to the guys and gals. For now please send my warmest regards to everyone, all the best to you and the CSM community. Love y’all. Cheers, Cluni :slight_smile: - @Cluni

We are doing great actually. We are not that active in forum nowadays coz people are more active on discord everyday :). We have so much fun playing pugs and joking with each other hahah. We will be here. Drop by anytime in discord or the server. Life is a bitch, keep riding it :D.


Thx à lot @Cluni :grin:

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Thanks for the love @Cluni I wish you the best <3

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