This is the problem i am experiencing with the steam copy cs

See how the guy just vanishes before he even go behind the box?

From where u died?

From my opinion: ‘‘I see useless topic’’’ No offence!
There could be many versions why you are suffering such a thing as:

1.Player with high ping.

From the video I see you don’t have target on enemy/ Which means crosshair. From first version could be because you put wrong your video/clip.
Second version could be because of cheat (Sounds funny for someone but I know these oldschool basics).
But if you are actually struggling of that - Not seeing crosshair then do please my step by step trajectory:

For Windows 10 :

  1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Mouse.
  2. On the Buttons tab, click to select the Turn on ClickLock check box.
  3. Click Settings to adjust how long you must hold down the mouse button to set ClickLock. …
  4. Click OK, and then click OK.

If from these following is not solution for you. I’m sorry!

Are you certain the guy in the box killed you? could be a wallbang from ct spawn.

Watching many times of video I see you get 1 hit right / Which is coming Grenade to A2, second and last where you get killed was the same guy you tagged with. I don’t see any problems there.
Perhaps the same guy had something interesting. Such as: Wallhack or / High ping.

maybe my headhphone is shitty, to me i can hear wallbang from CT. need to see the demo hahah. but, you are right, laggers do dissappear and also, if the guy is hugging right side of the wall or box, they have peeekers advantage or simply could be a box bang.

It cannot be peekers advantage, coz it doesnt last that long :).

I think the guy just lagged and thats all. Demo/video is too short to schedule something!
@Geten Next time atleast put demo init.

he is not hacking, i got killed from the bot corner to my left. all players disappears like that, no matter their ping. the second a foot or an arm is behind a wall the whole character model disappear for me

I knew it was from left side. I didnt see the guy in the corner coz you didnt check before in the video. but when there is a nade there is a black puff coz how demo renders, which gives us no clue if you can spot the guy on the left side.

so earlier, i said ct spawn coz that would make sense for the m4 spray sound so close, if not the corner

On the video, go to Settings > Playback speed > 0.25

Then watch the video from 0:01 to 0:02 and 0:04 to 0:06

I think those moments are what Geten is talking about

He’s not complaining about getting killed or accusing anyone of cheating… he’s trying to show how people appear to just warp behind objects


there is a black puff in the video. need to see the demo at that moment.

we can test your problem in mix server, later if you want. get a player standing on that corner and see if you can spot him - CsMundum_Public.dem here is the full demo. explosions have nothing to do with it. it is when people move behind objects/corners, no matter their ping. perfect example is when people are awping and strafing back and forth at double doors.

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My english is poor, forgive me ahhahaha. What I am saying is, just this video is inconclusive. we need to see the demo coz the video has black puffs in it. I am not saying you dont have a problem. you might have, ill check the demo

The common denominator is that it is happening when a model is half way between being visible and being hidden.

A good test would be to see if it happens on the mix server vs. the public server with an anti-cheat which, if I understand correctly, is designed to make sure positional information is not available to a client when an enemy is behind an object

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you have a good point @rob. could be anti-cheat in public server. we need to test it on mix server as well. anyways, ill check the demo and @Geten play mix with us cmon. we love you and would be fun :). Fuck path of exile :smiley:

it does not happend on mix server and it does not happend on non-steam cs… but on all non-steam cs i tried the mouse is all fucked up and unplayable, doing random 360s and being all jitterish

i played loads of mixes lately, but we always start when it is night in sweden and i have a job to go to lol :slight_smile:

you got killed from CT spawn. skizzy who killed you killed another guy near CT spawn. he is in CT spawn mate :).

for others time is at the end 25: 05. and the camera goes to skizy first person in CT spawn after @Geten dies.

but what the fuck, i dont care who the fuck killed me. it is non-important am i going crazy? is rob the only one who understands the issue at hand?

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