This is the problem i am experiencing with the steam copy cs

yes, i see a flicker moment where the CT just appears and dissappears in the A ramp. could be server hiding the models. Ill check. I am not sure, its lag or something else. Since, you pointeed out bot was on the left, I had to check the left corner where CTs normally hide and was wondering if you are implying that too that you cant see the model there.

Anyways, the case is here A ramp and you are correct in the demo the model flickers. Could be server delay sometimes or lag or other things.

In any case, in public server where small things like these can happen. Its not your Cs fault. It could be because of many things. If it happens in mixes, then its a big issue.

Only in LAN, these things dont happen at all

World end is coming now!

@Brutality1 Please contribute to the thread or get the fuck out <3


Hey, it’s a public discussion. Please be polite next time @Brutality1

Please be patient while we try to understand the problem and stop making cynical comments. @Geten’s problem is valid. Since he didn’t mention these few years we have played together, I’m assuming it is because of the new anti-cheat plugin.

The anti cheat we have has been particularly effective for many wallhacks. I guess there is always a catch. It’s tough to decide to do without it unless we find another effective anti cheat.

But thanks, point taken :slight_smile:

i have the same problem btw, its when u try to awp the ts spawn from mid door, and i didnt report for that cus i konw about the anti-cheat… ma bad i guess :smiley: !!

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I rather deal manually with wallhackers as an admin than having this gamebreaking thing tbh

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Fine, we we will move again :). Give me sometime, we remove this anti-cheat and move to other place so that ranks are working properly and we can install some anti-cheats without having to worry about our provider.

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You know this transition every few months is not good for keeping players .