Tobi's new video


Im proud to present you video from our superstar @tobii. Multi talented guy who surpasses most of us in his talents and a super nice guy. He is gonna be someone important in his life one day and save the world which i believe firmly :). I wonder what the superhero costume is gonna be like :slight_smile:

Also, aplogies to blait for being away when we were about to do a video project together. I just needed to sort many things in life which i was unable to do while being too busy online. needed a break. If you dont mind, we can work on it again soon.


haha the best video love it :heart: as I said before , more vids like this :slight_smile:

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hhaha. I was watching the video for my bedtime nap :). Reminded me @RAMOS used to empty 12 usp bullets and still not break the windows in b as a ct :smiley:


hhhhhhh thats true :smiley:

Best video i like it, that’s what i call real friends.