Tournament clan ''GoodFellas''


We are starting making clan and being preperd for this mix tournament and looking forwards for skilled clan fellas.

We are currently 3 fellas so far.

Clan members:

• GoodFellas ~ Brutality
• GoodFellas ~ MESSI
• GoodFellas ~ KB
• GoodFellas ~ NOKs
• GoodFellas ~ retu

We have 3.conditions:

1.Players who have a reasonable ping (less than 80).
2.Available to use voice chat
3.Speak English language

Nobody has to be a master at the game of Counter-Strike, but if we all work together, we will all improve individually and as a clan. The most important parts of being in this clan are participation and a willingness to learn.
Do you have what it takes to join the clan? Then don’t wait minute longer and leave your comment down below and we will choose the the chosen ones.
Cause All about here is having fun!

Edit: We are now 5.fellas, which mean’s there is not free space left!
Maybe in future we will increase number of clan members, if the clan as general goes serious.


Hey, I could join , but i can play only after work , dont know what time is it there but for me it would be around 19:00 :100:

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FREE NOOB HERE :slight_smile:



Signing in.

@Edward_Newgate and @retu ACCEPTED!

That mean’s we have full clan. For now.


Join the fight and do it right , GL HF :slight_smile: