Unban King_Of_CS

I was banned today
Who banned me and why ?

it is I who is banned from you because I am being watched and I think you cheated(wh)!!! send your demonstration and both ss thank you.

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You ban me because you think ?
i did not record any demo. No one asked about it

Upload your demo and your screenshots to be unbanned . You will find them on ur cstrike folder

Which one is ? give me at least name of demo


Which one is ? give me at least name of demo

Which one is ? give me at least name of demo

Cs_mundum.demo_public something like that .

Hé was unbanned

I just uploaded demo to show you im pro. wait

See how i play now. I’m pro and not hacker
Just cause i shoot on walls does not mean i’m hacker


Why i’m still banned ?

I want thé demo of this morning and ss and with the same steam id

it connects with several ip and as nick tOAst_fucker. please do not unban it

There is no ss or demo. i showed all my folder
i had to login from my neithghboor id to show you 'im expert and not hacker

When i get unbanned ?

they told u where and what,demo is auto recorded so if u dont have it might be ur own problem pro

My game is did not record any demo nor screenshots
The only demo i find in folder are those i record myself
Screenshots are not working even for me. When i click nothing happens
If they are somewhere else i don’t know how to find them
Now unban me. im expert not hacker
Or you jealouse ?

where was many pros like u,and nothing to be jealous of its just a rules,gl being a pro in the other server

You understand now ?