Voice chat

How about active voice chat in [CsMundum] [Free Guns 24/7] server?
For my opinion it’s more easier to communicate with teammates. Less need to use chat and more fun to play. But then you should take out that dead teammates can’t see enemies. Only admins!
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well, sound great idea. cus we used to do that in discord but its rlly suckes hhh cus u have to turen of ur sound… so, yeah lets vote ppl :smile:

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There will be no voice chat. its a public server. join discord for voice chat.


Your discord is dead. There is basically 0 activity. Secondably not everyone who gonna join server will join discord aswell, but let’s stay on your way you know better chief!
And thank you everyone who made his vote.

Many Thanks


First of all, lets start by saying our discord server if you want to be a part of our community. I am off from online world due to personal reasons for a while. Im busy with my life. Next thing is my job is to provide the tools, dont cry like a child. Prepare your own food. Make your own friends. You are a grown up. There are lovely people here. Win their hearts :). Good luck :slight_smile:


absolutely no , I remember when the server was like hell . all bots using it :unamused: