Vote for removing vip heal on kills

As you know, VIPs and admins gain heal on kills. This thing creates debate for very long time.
It is time to show your real skills guys :slight_smile:

  • Remove VIP heal on kills
  • Keep VIP heal on kills

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Working for non-profit organisation has turned @sheitaN into a lobbyist haha.


HAHAHA :rofl:

Really nigga ? Nofear remove the VIP plugin . Remove PayPal payment . Wtf guys are you okay !!! . If u remove this . It will be no difference between the normal player and VIP omg .
Wtf is happening . Don’t remove it I tottaly don’t agree

Skills is not about this " heal thing" . If u want to improve your skills play deathmatch , headshot only servers , and mixes . This is public it’s for fun not to improve skills . If u keep playing on public server u will stop on a level of skills for sure .

With this :
It was free guns only for VIPs . Now both
Free helmet and free grenades at first rounds only for VIPs now it tottaly deleted .
And now gonna remove this ?
The point of VIP is this . So players like it and buy it and we run this it helps nofear . I know there is a lot of guys donating but . It’s not always .
Hope u get me




As Mawyl said, AWP is one difference between normal players and VIP, which is already a significant one. Also, if I remember well there is a reserved slot for VIP Members in case server is full.
I understand what you saying @MESSI, I get your point, but seriously mate I think this is the most unfair advantage for VIPs to gain heal everytime they score. Most of players, when they realized VIPs and admins got this advantage, they claim of inequity, which is totaly legit because it kind of running their gaming experience.
I think we should think about other ways to reward VIPs like access to votemap or something else I don’t know. If it were just up to me, I would remove free guns for all and I would reward VIPs with more monney per kills, getting 500$ for kill and 800$ for hs for example. In other words, rewards that don’t makes game as unfair as it can be. Plus, free guns every rounds remove strategics skills as eco round and so on.
Anyway, this is why voting is important as everyone can give his/her point of view.


Voted for no heal on kills
And I vote also for no money-gain on hits 'cause it’s like a mini-wallhack when preshoting

If you guys really want to have some vips and gain money, you have to carefully communicate about it, it’s totally unclear right now :

  • fix the /wantvip commands
  • fix the links in website toolbar
  • and point it all to a pined thread here that explains it all and, how to be vip/admin, and what advantages there is. Like How much for what (vip/admin) and for how long ?

I dont know like :
Donation of : 5$ or + = VIP access for X months
Donation of : 10$ or + = ADMIN access for X months
Donation of : 100$ or + = VIP access for 1 year
Donation of : 100$ or + = ADMIN access for life

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And inactivate the “/me”-command when alive, you shouldn’t have any information that you didnt get from your own eyes/ears during the gameplay to be honest.

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i dont agree :confused:

Totally not agree and i want heal to be more higher coz when we kill only 5 pr 10 hp grow up :rofl:

i will say it derictly guys… ur time is over classic cs is over :slight_smile: newdays ppl give vip and admin to keep server full old dudes are gone wtf are u doing guys, u dont ply the game anymore and comeout with this bullshit rlly i mean rlly ffs come to the game and see, every servers use free vips with awp limit. why??? i tell u if u forget. to keep the fking game alive
and thank you


ain’t gonna vote for shit. this is my Visions. :smile:

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you see its not that easy @Geten hahah. tears of @MESSI has tied my hands many times. anyways, there is a vote and we implement based on voting. civilized barbarians we are hahah.


Server getting boring :slight_smile:

not like removing vip perks is making it less fun, quite the contrary. :stuck_out_tongue:


Even i like to have more health when i kill some one, I think it’s unfair but after all i understand what @messi mean… @bixi hhhh i use this money-gain à lot :smiley:

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There you go, zombies are coming haha :smile:

First, @RAMOS, who’s talking about removing VIPs ? Thread is about a vote to remove VIPs heal on kills, no more. If you pay attention of what I am saying about VIP in general, it was just a personal opinion (“If it were just up to me”). I always admit that I don’t like how nowadays servers turns into with those VIP privilegies because it denatures what the game originaly is. Also, it makes CS like a pay-to-win game as Fortnite where retards kids begging their parents to give them 1$ in order to kick their friends ass on online game back from school. What a great image of our society by the way : you need money to get privilege to be able to dominate the others :smiley:. This is just unfair and non-ethiqual. At the opposit, you guys never admit being resistant to changes but it is clear enough as you yelling like animals when it’s about to change your habits or/and affect your privilegies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Second, I’m not seeing much of argues here but suppositions (I can’t considering “I don’t agree” from @ujku or @NEMYA as a solid argumentation :joy:). So, you guys suppose server will be empty because of removing VIP heal on kills. Well, I doubt it but maybe, maybe not, who knows ? Let’s see. If people votes for removing, why not give it a try and see what is going on ? What are you afraid of ?

Third, “every servers use free vips” so it is necessary good and we have to apply same policy is unrelevant argue for me. If all your neighboors are doing shit, you have to doing shit as well ? And precisly, maybe people are fed up of going for the same gaming experience on every single server they connect. Not talking about bots here. But if you want a real community, it is not about VIP privilegies, it is about having a good gaming experience with fun with people you enjoy playing with and admins taking well care of server. Only random bots are attract by free guns but they are not part of the community, they come and leave.

And I feel sorry to read that regarding we can’t connect 24/7 on CS means we don’t have right anymore to make suggestion and contribute to improve gaming experience of our community.

From sheitaN with love.

P.S. No offense, don’t yell at me ANIMALS :joy:


Ohh sheiten u talk like this coz your ping is 7 !!!

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Sorry, what ? You obviously don’t get my point :thinking: I give it up :roll_eyes:

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he is one of the players getting the most kills, he would lose out the most if we remove healing and still he wants it gone. So do i.

His ping has nothing to do with this, it is infair advantage… even more so than we already have without it.

Edit: Healing is more effective for someone scoring a lot of kills, in the end it helps the newbies and high pingers if we remove it. Since the lower pingers won’t survive forever, kind of renders your ping arguement invalid too be honest.