Voting sounds

HI everyone,

First of all i really like that we can play and choose different maps, the one thing i kinda find annoying is countdown voice thing, it’s not the end of the world but it might be good idea to make them muteable like the quake sounds for those who don’t like them?

Again if it’s too much work or i’m the only one nagging about this nevermind :smile:


I totally agree. I also noticed that (more that the annoying sound) the loading/playing of each sounds causes a huge lag each time, it’s super annoying.
It lags for :

  • voting sounds
  • countdowns

Maybe this lag appears only for me, dont know

On the other side, Rampage/Godlike sounds doesn’t seem to lag …


isint it when the text appears on ur screen that makes you lagg ? cus I get a spike when it does sometimes @bixi

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+1 :blush:

Yeah Zuttie, noticed it yesterday, text and/or sound appearance

But Rampage sounds comes with a text and no lag …
Maybe a timer/interval is used for countdowns that makes the lag (?)

I see , im not good inserted on the programming part of these settings what cause the lagg , normally a popup window lowers the fps cus of new texture , same with the admin chat in white , the more texture the more loading

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Yes, and admin chat dont any cause lag for me

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There is no lag for me, but I’m gonna go for that green light, because countdown voice is annoying and you barely can hear enemy steps.

@Brutality1 I agree with you. Because the countdown sound is very annoying.