Whatch till the end , and what the heck is going on here hhhhhhhhhhhhh


hhhhhh dfq?

hhahah. one of my friend couldnt sing at all. i mean everyone can sing with a bit of training but he was so confident he could sing. And some of my friends were so kind to not tell him he couldnt sing. they even went along with the whole band for his one song he wanted to sing. I wanted to say but it was already too late when i found out. they had prepared and there was one day left. so when the concert day came and their turn came to sing i was in a dubious situation.

I ran away from the concert hall before it even started hahahah. far far away. But, then the guilt started settling in for not supporting my friend, so i ran back during half of the song. Too bad my friends only remember me running but i was there at the end clapping with the crowd who probably were in the same situation i was hahah.

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lmao :stuck_out_tongue: I like his self-confidence and seriousness :smiley: but still wtf