When you will unban me?

I have been told yesterday i will be unbanned but i’m still banned on your server
What’s the matter ?

Username: King_Of_CS
This is full copied id

ID For Adsl
“King_Of_CS” 16946 STEAM_1:0:1218351322

This is rediculouse
Now my steam id changed to
“King_Of_CS” 16792 STEAM_1:0:1292114512
Anyone can help ?

It seems you have used multiple steamid after you got banned. next time dont change steamid and just upload demo and screenshot without trying to rejoin. Rejoining without providing demo is a serious offence.

And dont create new thread for single topic. its called spamming. Anyways, you have been unbanned.
amx_unban VALVE_0:4:1003177416
[AMXBans] “King_Of_CS” <VALVE_0:4:1003177416> has been successfully unbanned
] amx_unban VALVE_0:4:1298909128
[AMXBans] “King_Of_CS” <VALVE_0:4:1298909128> has been successfully unbanned
] amx_unban VALVE_0:4:925386696
[AMXBans] “tOAst_Fucker” <VALVE_0:4:925386696> has been successfully unbanned
] amx_unban VALVE_0:4:1755781054
[AMXBans] “tOAst_Fucker” <VALVE_0:4:1755781054> has been successfully unbanned
] amx_unban STEAM_0:0:1218351322
[AMXBans] “King_Of_CS” <STEAM_0:0:1218351322> has been successfully unbanned
] amx_unban VALVE_0:4:56739784
[AMXBans] “King_Of_CS” <VALVE_0:4:56739784> has been successfully unbanned

From here on anyone who changes steam id will not be unbanned. no second chance for steam id changers. Consider yourself lucky and there will be no second chance given for such offence. I didnt know you had changed steam id.

Since the decision is being already made, im regretting it already. I hate steamid changers. its a guarantee sign of a cheater. Admins keep an eye on him


I do not use any steam id
Isn’t it my internet provider that keeps changing my steamid ?
I use Counter-Strike WaRzOnE and i have 4G internet connection now but sometime si switch to adsl when it’s bad.
Game is working now thanks but if there is something i can do to keep my steamid fix then tell me please

@anon87618515 please stop the innocent tactic whats done is done , and you are verry lucky that nofear is so good hearted man :slight_smile:

Do you need photos to show you that i’m not lying ?
I can photograph or make a video with my 4g router and adsl router and my game contents
This is not innocent tactic. It’s just the shitty country i live in. It does not work like all other countries
Sometimes we don’t get internet for hours

I dont need anything from you to prove mate , let it be and welcome back .

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