Why got banned again?

Username: The_Expert

Toast banned me today
I don’t know what problem he has with me
So, let’s clear this

why are you still coming with other ip when a decision has been made because you did not want to send us your ss and demo

I damnly said that my game is not making screenshots at all even if i try and no demos only those i made
I do not know what problem with my game is but it is since long time
Do you want me to record that from desktop and show you that my game does not save screenshots/demos even if you take them ?

Alright. I’ve made a video and i’m uploading to show you

@anon87618515 i was there when he take snapshots on you.

Just wait 10 minutes
Video is being uploaded

Porblem is not if he made screenshot or not
Problem is no screenshots appear on my folder even if i click F5
Wait for video. uploading

Here is video. Do you understand now that no ss or demo was in my folder ?
Why not ask for godwartest like all other games ?

@anon87618515 follow this steps bro and everything will be ok.


if you want the admins unban you just do that
and dont worry if you are clean .the admins will unbanned you immediately.