Will be out for a while

Hey everyone,

I have being enjoying on being part of this comunity though now i find myself in some changes so i want be in server so much has i desire! Still i ill keep coming to discord and to site to speak .
For those who have my personal social médias i just wanna say if u still wanna speak to me i wont be using then for a while too. I have new timetables and others things to arrange but once i am avaible i Will be back with full might.

Thank you all :yum:


It’s good news :). Gaming is secondary. Life comes first. Balance your life. Do important things first.

We will still play mix on evening and weekends sometimes if we are free. If you are online we will call you if you are free. You don’t have to join if you are busy. But if you do, make sure you have done your important things for the day :). Happy life and healthy gaming to you :slight_smile:


Thanks @Nofear,
We all have things to do but i am just finding out my new routine, so once establiashed be sure i Will come for your Head but specially thoes heads from @RossoNero and @ujku :laughing:


Wello @Playerno1 :heart: you will find us always waiting for ya in discord :blush::heart:


@RZH i feel so cozy now :sweat_smile: