Xellen ask me demo

so xellen ask me demo because he thought i’m cheating. i got only mouse lags/stuck.
but i have to made it public so here my demo


haha too late for april fools :smiley:

tho I cant view the demo :
Cannot continue without model sprites/mode/wall1.spr

nvm sorted it out , it looks wierd tho with that spike I have to admit , I dont call that anything without a longer demo

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i can have an other

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but really my mouse just haves problems
i uninstall and reinstall razer synapse but always the same shit i don’t know what’s happen!
here an other demo

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Nevermind @Zuttie or German xellen, they analyze too much haha. Fiction and fact are two things meaning theory and practice. One round mouse flick is just too little to take into consideration and not even fired a shot.

These once in a while randomness can happen sometimes when mouse hits keyboard and also buggy mouse software.

We’ve analyzed the demo and saw literally nothing suspicious.

But as a moderator, kudos to you for being an example and uploading demo :slight_smile:


My teddy bear is a bot he cant cheat :sweat_smile: for sure xellen is even more weaker than our beast qeskia :rofl: